Vision Statement

Founded upon biblical principles, Liberty Christian Church (LCC) is committed to teaching the Word of God with an emphasis on liberating the people of God from sickness, poverty, religion, the opinions of others and their past.  We have a unique passion for loving people and are committed to reaching the lost, restoring the broken and catapulting believers into their God-ordained destiny.  We will be on the forefront of economical change thus impacting our community, city, region, and the earth.

Our VISION consists of a great sanctuary where we will make each person that enters feel welcome and experience the love of God. 

Change for Change

Our VISION consists of our “in reach” program called “Change for Change” created to meet the need of partners experiencing financial challenges.  Partners donate change (coins) on an ongoing basis, in turn, the change (coins) is used to contribute to the financial needs of its partners. 

Partners Making a Difference

Our VISION consists of an our outreach program called “Partners Making a Difference” where we are asking 100,000 partners to give $1 a day to assist us in rebuilding programs that are unfunded by the government such as building recreation facilities in cities throughout the nations creating a gun free, drug free, abuse free environment for youth. 


Our VISION consists of a child care facility that will offer at least a 20% discount to our partners. This is another way we have decided to help our partner’s pay off debt and reduce their monthly expenses. Most childcare facilities at churches do not have any overhead expenses,  therefore we have decided to pass the savings on to our partners.

Debt Pay-off

Our VISION consists of us buying and building apartment buildings and reducing the rent of our partners for a span of two (2) years to help them save to purchase their own homes or pay off debt.

Liberty Lions

Our VISION consists of Liberty Lions Athletic Organization.  It is an outreach tool to share Jesus with the unchurched.  We have discovered that there is no church as large as a football stadium therefore Liberty Lion Football Stadium will serve as our second location.  The athletic organization will consist of baseball, basketball, boxing, cheerleading, football, track, mixed martial arts, etc.

Lawn Care

Our VISION consists of owning and operating Liberty Lawn Care Services.

Driving School

Our VISION consists of owning and operating Liberty Driving School.

The VISION will come to pass!